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Oh hello

If there're mistakes in either spelling or grammar or whatever la, please hmm kinda ignore it T.T haha because this is too long and with the encrypted stuffs, i can't really check all ><

Hi yo, to all members of Pre-U '11/'12.
Since I gotta post about the MPU night, so here's the post I purposely write for y'all.
Of course, the 'outliers' can read too, if you feel interested with.
If you're so lazy to read through the whole post, it's okay,
You may just scroll down and looks for some messages I've written for you.
So please do enjoy (lol wtf)

So, the DAY start off at around 11am (I don't actually remember what time I woke up wtf)
I actually wish to extend my sleep to at least 1pm.
(omg i recently sleep until noon loooo in weekends T.T)
But since I have to text someone asking about time when they go for hair-setting.
Because ah jia wished to go along toooo.

Yet, this bitch LOW SANG woke up at around 1pm!
And he's only done at 2:30pm!
WTF, I expected him to get done earlier and I can have more time to doll up myself! (trololo)
And I actually done everything at 750pm!
Yea, imma so late. I'M LATE TO THE EVENT.
Cause the time noted on the invitation card was 8pm.
But when I reached there (Sentosa Regency Hotel),
I just realised there're still many people yet that haven't reach!
Haha T.T
And I actually threw lil temper on S.Ching T.T soweeee.
I'm on bad mood that time soweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee T.T

And here's the first picture I took that night.

(Oh yea, before I forgot, please take a tour on other site before continue reading this post, there'll be tons of images to load. Just in case you want to see all the images. Or my post is attracted enough that you don't needa wait for the pictures :P)

Some pictures taken at the entrance there right before the event started
# two best friends of me!

# yea my epic emotion :/

We've to self service that night!
To take food ourselves and thanks him for helping me to take mine haha.
Imma so lazy and feel so awkward.
(LOL i'm shy lil girl!)

Desert of the night!

My stuff of the night!

# phone & clutch

Oh ya, before we started to eat, there's three performance performed by lower six.
But first of all, speech given by our principal.

#1 Malay song by Shireen Yong

#2 Violin performance by Ann Tan

#3 Dance of Wedding Dress by Pre U1 Delta (Im' not sure about it)
(So blurred because they're moving ><)

And other performances after our dinner!
(Sorry i forgot the sequences already! ><)

#4 Dance of Roly Poly by Pre U1 Omega (not sure not sure)
(Idk this picture is for Roly Poly or not wtf)

#5 Chinese song by babe Wei Lin

#6 Malay Song by Cikgu Hamid

#7 Malay Song by Malay student (didn't get picture of him)

#8 Dance of Oppa Gangnam Style by Pre U1 Omega (not sure too!)

#9 Combo of You Raise Me Up & Oppa Gangnam Style by PRE U2!

And that's the end of the night!
Before that!! Here's the prom king and queen of the night!

Prom queen at the left hand side! Annita!

Prom King! Chee Hock!

Lastly! some pictures of the night!

More pictures @ HERE


KEYS to decode: Key in your Full Name accordingly to your identity card ;)
Attention to Jia, Keat and K.Jie, please request your code from me, hehe! or you can guess because I just added a word in front of your name (Hints: what i used to call you) The message kinda private hee.

#1 Alpha

-S. Ching

- J. Hao

- Y. Mun

- Hazel

- All the other members of Alpha & those Indian friends!
Let's get flying colours for STPM! May Gods bless us!

#2 Beta

- J. Jia

- W. Keat

- C. Hao

- C. Yee

- T. Heng

- S. Wei

- Z. Feng

- Tarani

- All the girls
All the best for you guys! Fighting!

#3 Delta

- Kai Jie

- All other boys
Soweeee, because i didn't have full names of y'all... So, here's hmmm the combination haha! Ah meng, haha wish you can really errr hmm with err lynn lynn hahah! >.< Ok la, i know you guys are best friend, but I just hoping you both can....... >< hee. Ah chuan, HAHA! Y U SO FUNNY. Can't stop laughing while talking with you lol. hehe. Biang, Bing bong biang. haha. I thought you name is really biang want loooooooo. Your gf sui jeng jeng har. Wish you sweet 99! :)

All the girls
Jing yi, sin yee, sha sha fen bu qing chu, haha! Good luck to you guys! All the best in coming STPM! Four flats! (I guess the no. of people getting four flats would be the highest amongst y'all!! ><)

#4 Sigma

- W.Lin

#5 Omega

- W.Lin

- C.Sing

- S.Ci

- W.King

- C. San

- Muel

- K.Nien

- C.Hock

- Other schoolmates in omega!
All the best for you guys in STPM! FIGHTING!

Sorry if i missed out anyone. T.T i'm so tired writing this lol >< The initial is like so fun to write but getting bored afterward hahaha. wtf

And thats all for this post! OMG i can finally post this after hmmm one century wtf!
Another new post is gonna up i guess. I wish to blog about my weird dreams!

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