Alright, Imma gonna blog about my dreams first!
As I promised in the last post...
This is because recently I got too many weird dreams, and some..
I can't even differentiate them for either happening in reality or just a dream.

Of course, I've forgotten most of them.
There're 3 or 4, that I would never forget.
(Beside that one I mentioned before, in case if you wish to have a look, click *HERE*)
The dream i wrote before is about him.
Which somehow indicates separation. SOMEHOW.

Before I continue writing, thanks for those who read my last post!

And in case the encrypted message of yours cannot be opened, please message me through FB or phone! ;)
I guess none gua..............

So, hmm this time, i've dream about my further studies.
I dreamt that i went to New Zealand.

I wished to go there to further my study, because course I prefer is popular there.
(Veterinarian if you don't know)
Of course, only if i got 4 flats! Or else, i could probably 'kill' my parents.
They'll die working hard earning money for me & I do not want this to happen.
Wished, yea i wished. Now i just wish if i can further my study in Sg with love.

Shit, I'm kind of...getting out of the topic right -.- wtf
Okay, New Zealand.
I went there & I stayed at an angmoh's house.
(Sorry imma gonna use present tense.)
His house is so huge. He got a big green land behind of his house,
which he keeps all his pets there.

All sorts of rare cats & dogs. All of them are cute! *_____*
Of course, the house is not as what i've drawn, not even the fence -.-
Just to emphasize the big large enormous green land hehe!

His house is pretty cool!
He has a floor underground for pets!
Which the pets have their own rooms FML
and all rooms are nicely decorated.
The rooms are the same as ours!
They've beds sofas cupboards all sorta things!

And there's a cool big glass on a part of ground floor around the stairs heading underground!
To peep at the condition below.

(sort of la. drawing phaileddddddd -.-)

wtf how i wish that's reality.
I don't wish to come back anymore T.T
Even if I've gotta stay there w/o him.
I actually skipped many interesting stuffs like the description of cute pets!
Dog with colourful red big tails, huge cat and many many more!
I just can't really remember all!
And if i were to draw to visualise it, that would be another nightmare for you guys looking at my horrible drawing >.<

So I would LOVE to skip this first and head to another crazy dreams of me.

Still in foreign country.
I don't know why i keep on dreaming about angmoh recently wtf.
Have been too pro-west! Hee. No kpop in my life.
(Sorry but i don't mean that kpop aren't nice, just that i'm weird enough to not following what others love to do, i love to be the unique one, the one and only. lol always fail thoughhh. AND TO MAKE MY EXPLAINATION TRUE-ER, I actually secretly fell in love with quite some korean songs! Eg, Oppa Gangnam Style which has been spread all over the world, and Fantastic Baby. more to come i guess wtf)

So let's guess what's the party about. I mean the theme.
Grand party? Sleeping Attire's party? Vintage party? Pastel themed party?
Throw out what you could imagine.
And I bet none of you will get correct.
Okay, i knew by writing this post, I probably lose my image.
And i'll have no face to face people who actually read my blog T.T

The theme of the party is

No doubt, nag.
All people around me are naked. fml
what a shame -.-
And an angmoh actually invited me to be his s*x partner wtf T.T
And I woke up after rejecting it.

And there's nothing interesting about this dream, but ridiculous. T.T
And that's why I decided to include it in this post.

Okay last two, which are about him.
You know right, new batch of lower six just join my school.
And i don't know why i dreamt about one lower kissing him!

She asked him about something relevant to studies i think.
And after that! She kissed him to thank him! wtf idk why T.T
But alright the girl actually has a bf :X

The other one is that a best friend of him expressed her love to him!
and he actually hesitate about either choose me or her!
T.T I cannot explain further about this as this may be very sensitive to other people T.T
I hope this would never happen la T.T

Alright haha that's all for this post >.<
You may find this post pointless but haha sorry la TT I wish this stay in my memory.
As I already deleted many old posts of me T.T
Bye bye, will blog about my horrible outing with sisters next time!

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