Hao & Niu's Birthday

Saeng-il chukka hamnida (LOL failed)

Hi LOL just a birthday post before i forgot.
Wanted to write a post about this since last timeeeeeee.
But I always forget since I'm too busy studying (should be revising liao but not for me T.T) for my STPM.
FYI, counting down for 4 days!
& FYI too, I'm actually.....not busying for STPM, I'm on a secret mission =)
(Soon to be revealed sooooo stay tuned.)

So Hao's (Chun Hao) birthday was on 22 Oct.
But we celebrated for him few days afterward as Niu went to Sarawak attending his sister's graduation ceremony. (Congratulation Niu Jie)
LOL like a boss lo niu. He's like an important element of life. MEH =.=

Right on 24 of Oct, where we're having our last tuition (for me and hub) at JP.
We usually have our dinner first before going to tuition (always late one)
Because fyi, they have combo of tuitions. One at noon, one in the night.
And there's only half an hour of break so we always late lo. wtf reasonable leh.

We secretly (wanted to but failed) bought few pieces of cakee from Secret Recipe.
Using Niu as a 'bridge' saying that his family members want to eat oneeee.
And hao kept on asking niu, is it he got prize from toto or 4D or what-so-ever-la...
HAHA damn funny & awkward lol that situation haha!

While waiting for the food at the food court, we pretend to be a curious cat,
opening the cake one by one looking inside the content (K C K C want to see what niu bought)
& FYI hao was playing games and he didn't even mention about that lol. (way too chubby & funny)
Then we just open'em & put in front of him waiting for his surprising face.

Too bad, he's too into the game & even when we said the cake were for him, he just look calm & cold T.T

& my present for him was a big failure. I'm so shyyyy T.T
Recorded a video for him (unless he told, I'd not talk bout it (: )
It was seriously a BIG FAILURE LOL. Cut & trimmed it for so many times & it somehow sounds funny & stupid. Sorry T.T
Will record another one after exam alright? =)


So Surprise 2.0 secretly on the go..................

Talk about pressie for niu first, that was a big rush as I last minute buy from internet one.
Not really a last minute work as I've already done surveying stuffs to buy already.
Just that I planned to buy afterward and was not concious about the date.
When I suddenly realised that there's only around 5 days left before his birthday.
I quickly tiak tiak tiak, book & buy the things.
Even checked the Pos Laju box (RM 6 lo T.T broke HAHAHA wtf), praying everyday for the goods to reach! T.T

So here's the present.
Guess that he love the first one the most.
New earphone for him (knew he dislike this bud-in type one but sorry har this's the best T.T)

So for the lil party......
We celebrated his birthday @ TM Corner, Mergong.
Another failure hahah kinda.
His best friend, JYen asked me not to mention about her presence,
She wanted to bring him surprise.
We even booked a cake specially for him! HAHA
Themed cow.

Poor photographing technique lol (on the rush)

That was a rainy day.
I seriously became a 'soupiiiieeee chicken' already looo T.T
HAHA stood behind the corner of the shop lots there & lied to niu to bring him out.

And popped out like nobody do the shock him.
He fell down & bleed & faint.
We then sent him to......


AHAHA we actually failed again doing that surprise.
He ran out real quick because we lied that Yen's car got prob.
HELL stupid jia, don't know how to create lies one.
Noob noob one -.-

So, this is the end of surprise 2.0!
And I've to declare that,


Never mind, I've still got surprise 3.0 secretly on its way.
HAHA was that pressie.
I wrapped it with tons of newspaper before using the nice-cantik-kawaii paper.

HAHA suii jeng jeng lehh!

Ok lah, this can be considered to be succeeded la!
So, finally...


K. Should stop here & go for revision.
One peep on the inner box of niu's pressie


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