301212 (CZ 12)

Tea time with my sweet babe Xi.

Wanted to write about my Genting trip & also my Christmas countdown.
But since I'm having another countdown tonight, so i gonna combo it.
And since again.... I'm going to Genting soon I guesssssssss.
So.... that's gonna be another combo too. HAA!

So, here I just want to talk a lil about the outing I had yesterday, (not really just a lil, you'll know :P)
Which I want it to stay in my memory forever.

It's just an outing I had with my forever sister, babe Veanna.
I never feel so relieved.
The long-lost feeling once again come back to me.
I felt really comfortable when I'm with her.
And I really don't wanna lost her.
I wish we can stay like this for forever.

We can talk to each other in all aspects, with no hide & seek.
Even with those private silly question, we still talk, like nobody else.

We actually are from the same channel! HAHA
Talk with superb speed, laugh with superb volume, play with superb craziness...
We don't feel shy towards each other, I can behave the 'naturest' in front of her.
I really love to be with her!

Ok la, stop saying those.
Let's talk about the outing we had yesterday.
It started actually because of my jealousy.
My bf went out with his long-lost buddies yesterday, which is with 3 girls.
And I'm like thinking...
Wtf, he's having fun outside and I'm here sitting doing nothing like what.
So, I started to ask around, I first texted babe Xi, asking her for movie, CZ 12.

As I know, due to some private reasons which I cannot mention over here...
She's been getting lost of connection with cinema for long.
With no hesitation, she's 'on'. haha

Ok while preparing, I called my brother & so unfortunately, 
He wanted to go to some tuition centres to like get the timetable & register.
By that time, it's almost 2pm already. (We planned to watch at 240pm)

So I was like rushing here and there fetching him to do stuffs he wants.
Ok la I then fetched Xi & we reached cinema only at 250pm something ://///
To be honest, we really thought just a few birds left like us who haven't watch this movie.
But too bad, there're still a lot out there who haven't wtf.
AND so bad, they also managed to get the movie watched on that day.
Even another round on 5pm also almost full already :(
So we only get to choose 7pm one as it's not that packed, but still very full.
We're only three rows further away from the screen T.T

Poor lil us T.T
Too good in opting time for movie.
Ngek ngek. No regrets oh!
AWESOSOME :/ (talk about this later xoxo)

Before the movie starts, we have like shitty 4 hours to hang around :/
We first went to Smile''s Yogurt to have our froyo.

And around 4pm, I've gotta send my mom back from somewhere else to home.
So I sent my brother back to continue his game like Dota or Hons or whatever shit games la.
(No offense seriously :/ I just dislike how these games distracted attention of my bf from me somehow!)
Just I go and picked my mom up and dropped her at our home.

Then we (Xi & I) went to Tea House as she wanted to eat 千层糕 (multilayer cake) or thing like that.
But then only a few cake available by that time.
And nothing else to eat one :/
So we pretended to go and ask at the counter there for the cake she wants.
And when they told us that cake wasn't available, we pulled out our face of disappointment.
And telling them that we're sorry, we're leaving then. By our action :/ (stepping out of the shop)
I'm actually so shy.
It's just i think 3rd or 4th times getting out of a restaurant without ordering anything due to any reason :/

And we then went to Secret Recipe. Owh my favourite place always.
Especially during its tea time. xoxo
Love to have their tea accompanied while eating their cake or I should just say hmm Chocolate Indulgence.
(haha because I used to eat this and only eat this there)
So I ordered Chocolate Indulgence & Xi ordered Tiramisu.

We chit chatted there until the time is around 630pm.
Then only we left & turned back to fetch my bro.

(Getting lazy to continue writing lol.)
So okay let's skip to that movie.

It's a wonderful movie which I then start admiring Jackie Chan.
And if i'm not wrong, he got three Guinness Record leh!!
Go & google yourself la haha! M too lazayy

So please if there's anyone out there who haven't watch this movie up yet! GOGOGO!
Hahaha see la, lazy max lo me.
Instead of somehow write a lil bit of the description for the movie.
I kckc ask you to explore yourself.
Ok forgive me.

I've gotta go.
(Actually I just want to draft other post up which I want to combo. At least half, else I' forgot about that niaooo :P)
Byeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :*

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