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This important element credited to this website.


Didn't know if this really surprise you.
Okay, to be honest, this scrapbook style of blog skin was inspired by Jane.
(I know right, if I said I've this idea since years ago, it can be rarely believed.)
And I'm so sorry that galaxy style of this were made.
Which make this more similar to hers.

I actually also put down a lot of effort doing this.
I've ideas, but not the steps.
So I went to google every possible background.
Even keyed in "cool background" like a boss.
This galaxy one comes to me first.
and then this is the next.

and the outcome is

So nooooo, I'm taking back my galaxy.
I recently in loved with galaxy-related stuffs.
Even my twitter background. Ya, in galaxy style.

And the wolf. Seriously, don't you think it grew up already?!
I'm so sorry, I should screenshot it before anything were changed.
T.T now i didn't have any copy of it. T.T
(OK not really, searched all over possible places. I found it in my photobucket! hurray!)

Can you see that wolf ><
Haha. Just to make it a reference :P
So *claphand* it has grown up already into a sexy one :P

So how was this new blog skin?
Fantastic? :D
Now I feel so energetic every time I visit my blog!!!!
(Even before I make a change, I already did.)

And so coincidentally, I found that disqus (my comment board) has made some changes.
Cool design :D And it somehow made my blog to be more elegant. somehow la lol.
Twitter also. Fortunately I go & check for it.
Now it's more stylist than ever!!
I'm so in love with all of them!
Every single parts of my blog!

Ohya, if you still didn't mention!
I've changed my url!
Its now only!
Tho by typing you can still be directed to here! ;)
Happy ^.^
Thanks to the staff I bought domain from.
They made this change for me in the midnight one.
Assisting me on everything.
Eventhough I'm not happy with the outcome, but still thank you y'all!!

Because you will never know how suffering am I to put back everything in normal.

-----------I strongly suggest the following stuffs are only be read if only you're also a blogger.-----------
(I doubt if you'll understand if you ain't.)

First, my nuffnang ads can't work but it's easy to solve.
Just to update my blog url over their website :/

Second, my label stuff at the right there (moving stuff) can't work.
I can't even 'repair' it. Because its concerning about my my HTML stuff and I can't find the place it's located even with search engine. fml
Ended up I googled another one and replace the original one.
Gods bless. It works!!!

Third, serious one, my blog roll disappear just like that.
No, suppose to be, the widget is still there, but all the blog links gone.
FML, i never memorize links unless those I've visited recently or links of my favourites.
Not gonna  do that temporary.
Time is needed. fts

Forth, all the likes on my post gone!
So please like back now!! LOL
attention whore :///

Ok la, this is it.
I've gotta go. Gonna sleep ah T.T
Been starring at the screen for hours & I'm now so tired.
Bye bye!! See ya!!

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