CNY '13

Happy CNY you guys!!

A CNY post like finally.
PPK-ed a lot of posts. eg: outing with babes, xmas eve, new year eve......
So taaaaaadaaaaaah, a Chinese New Year post is up here :D
A memorable cny. somehow.

PS: no much pictures srsly, I always forgot to take & I'm so lazy to upload. Like a boss :X
Hiak hiak, love to torture you and make you read read read read read!!

So let's start off with 二九晚 (cny eve).
It's a day when we used to sit all around to have our reunion dinner. even lunch.
Those who went outstation for study purpose or work will come back right on that day.
(Just in case you're not chinese & you didn't know)
That would be the happiest day in a year!

My family, in four, dad mom bro & I, too, have our reunion dinner @ my grandmom's house.
This year, something just happened.
There's chaos between my 叔叔 (uncle) & my grandma.
Aiks, actually they quarrel every day every year one.
Almost every cny very unhappy one. (WHAT FORRR?!)
Why can't the elder one as a parent be understanding & why can't the younger one as a child be tolerating? 
My dad then ask us not to go back for reunion lunch already.
OK LA, not gonna elaborate about these, 家丑不外扬
Conclusion is that grandma followed us back & ate reunion lunch @ my house.

So fine, problem A solved.
First day of cny, visited houses of relatives at father's side & old folks' home.
And my ootd. Shiny yellow top + real short blue-green jeans + Skull clutch (my fav)

Close up of skull clutch :

Hair's upppp yooooooo cause haih you know right........
Chinese very superstitious one,
what 初一 cannot wash hair, cannot sweep floor, cannot this cannot that :/
FATE, born as a Chinese & have to act as a Chinese.
Gave every old folks RM2!!
(lol actually mummy gave us money oneee, they give angpows we give money!)
Whole family 排排走 and distribute the angpow a.k.a money for those folks folks. (sounds wrong wtf)

And at our last station, which was house of father's sister.
Another chaos happened. or fight. almost la.
Where the 母子 (mom & child) was so exaggerated to talk about the incident happened day before.
And my mom said something she shouldn't (which is a truth) and somehow made father becoming more angry.
FML, dad always like that one! I HATE YOUR STUPID HOT TEMPER!!!
Can you catch my ball? :X that mom & child was referring to my dad & grandma.

Mom cried & me too.
Dad, I just somehow felt so disappointed.
And I swear here!
(wtf you thought you're superstar many people want hor?! waiting list somemore)

I then went for movie. (still 初一 okay)
结婚那件事之后! MARVELLOUS! 
So true so real so touching!!!
This make me feel like marrying naoooooooo lol!! Who want to marry me???? ^_* wtf

Second day of cny was another happy day. And busiest 初二 ever!
Most angpows to take one.
Know what, my mom has 8 sisters & 2 brothers! :P
So count by yourselves la. Some sisters of my mom even became grandmom already.
Amount of money inside the angpows is not important! 有心就好!
CHEH CHEH CHEH, lie who jek, still got at least 1% care d mah.Who on earth can really do until 0%?!
(No offence, only referring to angpow money during cny)

Received message of babes & bff!
One told me that she couldn't make it on my party day & one asked me out for karaoke.

OK so for my babes, I straight away asked her to have a meet up right before she went back ><
Ya and we met up at my house lol :/
And selca like f*ck in my house, XD even ask hubby to be our photographer! VVV
Some of crazy shoots:

Third picture captured till my lohyao very duoliap! shit -.- hahah!!
Actually my lohyao very sehliap one TT

And here's my ootd of 初二 :D

Nothing to focus on :/
ok la maybe my pants! I love that pants!!
HAHA if you've read my *Genting post* before. this is the one i mentioned. :/

Ok third day now! :D
Throwing small party. Steamboat party!
Sincerely thank those who attend! ><
Wish to see you guys very soon in the future!
Lovely leopard dress!! FAV dress!! 
(LOL every stuffs for cny in my wardrobe are my favourites :/)
Short pants inside to easier me to move around XD
And to sit down on the floor to gamble lol XD
Don't even have time for makeup T.T
So there's my puffy face aiks.
Seriously, feel like buying myself contact lenses.
(I've short sightedness one >< always forgot my specs :/)
maybe if I've contact lenses it'll be easier ><
Wonder wonder.

OK la, thats all first, gotta sleep.
Having work tomorrow.
Last but not least,
祝各位 新年快乐 新年发大财 事事顺心 身体健康!

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