Dreams : Animals

So, what's your dreams?

Meeting up with my buddy and came up with this idea.
Did I ever write about my dreams? I don't think so...
And an instagram post of my mate makes me feel even stronger about writing this!

Dream, is what heart makes you think of.
(Something like that laa :P Not a good 'memoriser' lol)
Actually I've been wondering what to write, drafted some ideas about love and reviews about my camera.
Post about love haven't been completed and I haven't finish exploring my camera.
So this is it!! DREAMS!

When I was small, I want to be a teacher.
Because no one is greater than a teacher.
Ya you can be a doctor, lawyer or businessman.
But teacher is your root still...
Without a teacher, you ain't anything.
So I told myself, nuuuuu I rather sacrifice myself being a teacher!
普渡众生 lollllllllllllllllllllllll

Soon when I grew up, yes I still want to be a teacher.
But there goes a big dream coming out deep inside my heart............
It's when I started to befriend with animals.
Seeing all those stray cats & dogs being bullied and tortured outside,
I SWEAR TO MYSELF, I'll adopt all stray cats & dogs once I'm independent!!!
By building a house, kind of bungalow, just to adopt all those pity animals.
I know right, this is so dreamy, but in fact, in real life, many have made it!
One of them is even living in my town!!!!!
Pak Mie, thank you!!!!

And here, I want to pay them the highest respect of mine!
Thank you!! Thank you you guys! You guys somehow makes me feel stronger inside!!
I'm not dreaming and this can come true!!!

Years after, there goes a bigger dream of me coming out..........
I told myself, I must be very powerful in the future.
Not only in Malaysia, but all over the world.
A law is needed to be added,
People who bullied, or tortured or even killed the animal shall be treated the same way like what they did! And to sentenced to jail forever. 
Because I strongly believe, if they've been treated the same way, once they're released, they'll still do the same or even worse! And I don't wish to see this happen!
So far, I know, there're laws which protect the animals, but it's not strong enough.
And many do not afraid of it.
As I know, some people take dogs kind of the dirtiest creatures on earth and I do not understand why?!
Dogs are human's friends! And how can you guys be so unfair to them!
In case if you're born to be dog in your next life journey, how would you wish the human to treat you?
To kick you? To eat you? To torture you? Or to love you and treat you nicely?
(No offense, and as the malay's saying goes, siape makan cili, siape rasa pedas)

And thanks to my babe, s.chi, she just contacted me through facebook,
Asking me to join her in the future and she has a plan about helping those strays'.
(As if I must be successfully become a veterinarian. MEH. STPM results still haven't release lol.)
I'm so glad to hear this, glad that there's finally someone in my circle who concerned about animals!
As my boyfriend, in fact, hate animals. And this makes me really upset...........
I know, you must be saying my crazy and unrealistic.
A huge amount of money is needed and that must be a waste in your opinion.
I maybe can't even live a good life in the future.
But I wish, I really wish if you can change this because of me..... maybe in the future? :(

Anyway thank you! Thanks to those who love & concern about animals!

When I grew up further, I no longer wanted to be a teacher.
LOL no longer 伟大 XD
I want to be a veterinarian, animals' doctor.

Because a vet just caused my cat to death. Last few year i think.

How? & How I know?
I bought two cats home which is a pair.
They actually have some problems inherited by their mom :(
(I feel like crying again...)
The female one, Leng Leng, has weaker immune system fall sick first.
And when I'm not home, mom brought her to govt's vet clinic. (Which I strongly don't allow!!!)
When I'm home, coming back from school, I saw Leng deadly laying on the couch.
I knew, I saw medicine poured on her body, I knew, mom brought her out from check-up.
My heart was pumping fast.
She's so weak and she's so slim....
I can't feel her weight.
I fed her milk again & again and she vomited them all out. :(
I cried. She even stop breathing. :'(
I shouted her name again and again, tapping her body rhythmically.......
I can even feel her heart start bumping again and I can't describe how happy am I.
But that only lasted for awhile.
This situation repeated a few times and lastly, she went away, back to heaven.
And I shouted my lungs out, wishing if she can just come back :(
(Sorry but I can't stop crying now T.T................)

Then the other one, Wu fall sick too, after a couple of days.
I asked, demanded, and forced mom to bring Wuu to private vet's clinic.
Thanks Gods that he healed him.
He told us, which shock the shit outta me.
The health problem of my cats cannot be healed by pouring any medicine on their body!
And the shitty govt vet just made it and he/she killed my cat!!!

My mom recalled back at the day she brought Leng for doctor,
That fellow is not really a doctor but maybe an assistant.
But he/she pretended to be one!
I don't know if this really happens and if it does, I don't know if other people out there in my town experience this!
As in my opinion, never go for the govt vet clinic, and if you really have to!
Ask the fellow if he/she really is!
Don't take your pet's life on risk!!

And that's why, I need to be a veterinarian.
I want to try my best helping all those animals in need!

Although, I don't know where my STPM results will leads me to.
Will my dreams come true?? *finger crossed*

But one day, I'll make one of these dreams come true!
I will, and I can!

Till then.
What's your dreams that you swear to achieve? :D
Don't mind sharing.



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