It's March already!!

It's finally March already!!!!!!
Happiest and saddest month in year! (So far la :P)
March March March, what a March!!
So many things are gonna be happening within this 31 days!
That some may just change my future, my life!!

Okay so first, let's talk about the most important one!
Form 6 students of 2011/2012, R U READY??!!
Results are coming out soon!!! Either in this coming Wed or next Wed only!!
Sourced from Google!

Snipped out from one of the websites and here's another.
Which is saying the same thing! Click Click ***
Oh my Gosh, I'm damn nervous, damn kinjiong, damn cemas T.T
Here's my really really little wish: Which is to get enough pointer for me to apply Veterinary course!!!
Of course, if possible, give me a four flat la :PP
(It's quite impossible la seriously TT I know where my level goes......)

And the second happiest thing in the go!
My camera!! I'll be getting it within this coming weekday!!
For those who read my previous post, I accidentally revealed it already lol.
It's from Olympus Pen Series!! The latest micro four-third camera hehe :D (in the series)
Olympus Pen EPL-5 like finally!!

Been begging my mom for months for this camera, and I'm like finally, I'm bringing it home soon!
I actually been wondering which should I choose between Panasonic Lumix GF5 and Sony Alpha Nex 5R (or something like that in Nex series).
Which the former one gives better image quality (maybe), and I love its design, very sleeky & girly.
While the latter one provides a tilting screen with 16 mp (around).
But ended up I opted EPL-5 :P
Which now I've both side of advantages in one camera!!!
16mp, good image quality (so far one of the camera with the best quality in pen series), 170 degree tilting screen!!! Tho it has 10 degree lesser than Nex series, but I'm contented!! ^^vvv

Now mummy, can I change my phone to HTC One X+ or HTC Butterfly or Iphone5?? LOL
#girlsbeinggirls Girls can never really get contented.

Saddest thing of the month!!!
Mummy is going to Taiwan in this 19th with her friends TT

AIKS, mom asked me if I wanna go along too.
And by that time, I just failed booking tickets to Taiwan too (but with my friends).
And and and I'm like, what for going with mom, no fun, no good, no happiness.
LOL 赌气 with myself -ing.
Because we planned so many things already, but plan failed lastly :(
Mummy, please buy me a lot of clothes! You know right, I love you so much!

Another sad thing too.
Having my Theory Exam of Grade 8 this coming 16th.

Anyone taking it too??????? :<
But by thinking at the positive side, I'm soon to be free from this torturing thing.
(not really la haha, I love music!!)
But seriously, finally!! Journey of music since I'm 14 is coming to an end!
(maybe extended in the future also, who knows?)
AMITOFO, please let me pass! Please come out with the question I'm familiar with! Especially for those italian terms!

Third sad thing to be mentioned.
I'm having my third HPV injection the day mummy flies to Tw.

There're actually some hidden side effects that you'd never know.
OK not gonna reveal it here.
But I just don't feel like continuing injecting it.
Aiks never mind la, since it's the last one already...
I hope it's not as painful as the previous two injections.

But seriously, my purse is so tight this month. Fts.
Buying camera accessories, depositing money for my stocks, and many many more :(
Someone please give me money T.T
And I actually wish to have an extra 1500MYR to spend, there's something I NEED TO BUY!
I hope daddy/ mummy/ MR K got first prize in 4 D la :////
Seems like I need to budget my money already :( Should've stopped buying useless thingy.

OK la, so here's my March, how's yours? ;)
See you!

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