Penang Wild Trip

Two cray cray showing the wildness lol.

Not really a wild one, but definitely not an ordinary one :P
Anyway HIIIIIIII, I'm back again to torture you by writing long post to threaten your poor little eyes Haa.
Hannah I know la, most of you have big eyes la unlike me laaa T.T
LOL Lame level 1032445606

So ya, let's talk about my trip to penang.
It's just a One day One night trip lol.
I know it shall be Two days One night one ma.
But well, I've work and I can only go there after my work.
When I reached there, it's already 930 pm :(

Plus we actually booked the hotel online and we don't even know where it's located lolll.
But thanks the genius who invested GPS!!
We actually drove around the same place for quite awhile before we ever started using GPS.
So we checked in our hotel quite late, like so weird right and worthless :X
People check in since 2pm or even 12pm but we check in at 10pm lol.

We then went to Straits Quay to have a walk.
Can really just walk around only lo, all the shops are closed already :/
I still thought I'm having a froyo and dinner in a pretty and new-to-me's restaurant.
Okay I know right, there's a well-known pub, The Library which is worth-going.
But I'm more toward another pub which is more in angmoh-style.
Although ended up I also didn't go in lolllll
Forgot what is its name already, lolll.
Nevermind, I got 安慰奖.

Pretending that I dined in and captured a souvenir-like photo before going back lolllll

We then went back to our hotel to have a rest!
Oh, before I forgotten, our hotel is "1926 Heritage Hotel" along the Jalan Burma lol.
I'd rate it 6/10 lolll. To be talk about later.
But before we actually went back to hotel.
We went to have our supper at mamak stall which we randomly stop by and randomly eat lol.
Superb Roti Tisu. Yammmmmm

And pictures we took there :D

And okay, pictures at our hotel :D

#Right: Path along the rooms.
#Left: Lousy toilet, totally diff from the picture on the website!

I think there's dirty thingy in the hotel.
It's better not be mentioned over here.
Go ahead and explore yourself lol.

The only advantage which is not actually known as advantage is that they provide free WiFi.
But poor WiFi with low coverage and low connectivity lol. Can't even online one =.......=

We then had our breakfast the next day at Pulau Tikus there.
The only place I can think over and is familiar with lol.
How can I didn't do research about breakfast before -.-
Lai any suggestion just in case i'm going next time haha!

And to my wantan mee, it's a horror and I'm not capturing it. -.-

Flagstag hill the next station hurray!!
Like sua-ba-huan (orang utan), never go to flagstag hill meh?!
Purposely come penang and go flagstag hill? why don't go shopping?
LOL seriously, I've never been onto flagstag hill =.= (penang hill in the other words if you dont know)
Not even the what mountain in kedah dy.. Ya Gunung Jerai. Not even.
Throw me stone or say me 'ulu' or whatever la, haha! LOL

So...... let's the pictures tell!

#Queueing up for tickets and that's really a long way to go.

#Revolution of the train!!

#Cloudy weather which makes it a perfect one for us!


#Left one is veanna's one and the right one, mine!

#Didn't get into it as we personally think that there's nothing interested there...


Thank you GPS once again who brought us there!
I had so much fun there ^.^

Gurney plaza the next.
Originally I'm just 陪笑 one.
Ahxi wanted to buy clothes and I don't actually feel like.
But ended up I bought one top and one dress there lolll.

Seoul Garden as our lunch.

HAHAHAHA only took one picture lol.
It's too yummy that I forgot to take any picture while eating lolllll.
And it's too geli if I took our after-eating's picture lol.
So ya that's it HAHA

Went to seek for wall arts then!! WEEE.
Main purpose of the trip. Hurray!
Cycled along, and thanks to the nice tauke who gave us map for the location of wall arts!
Arigatoooo Uncle!!!
So just let's the pictures talk again!
(Okay I'm so lazy to explain everything because I'm biological clock is tickling, I needa sleep T.T)

Ok see ya!!!

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