Don't Lose Hope

Don't Ever Lose Our Hope!!!

I'm like all of you, one bit earlier, I feel so desperate, and sorrow.
I don't think there will be any chance for us to save our corrupted country anymore.
I totally cannot accept the results, I CANNOT.
And for a little while, I think of migration, I think of leaving Malaysia, the dirty land....
But no! Not after I read what our hero, Anwar Ibrahim said.

I read, and studied all over the face-book.
Yea, indeed, Facebook has now become a book for us to study the truth, to understand the world.

But hey! Our dear A.B is now appealing for us, the people.
How can we lose hope now!
If we are not even supporting him, he's all alone then.
Stand up, Malaysian! 
Although I guess the answer will retains the same from our PM that our GE13 is clean & fair, and there may be no changes to be made, but PR need us, A.B needs us!

Light up your hope! Light up your profile picture!
I know you were trying to stand against the dirty election, but not before this 21 days passed.
Deducted today, we've still got 20 days!
Let's pray hard and give our A.B the best support we could! To back him up!
And to let him know, he's not alone, he has got us!

Dear Anwar Ibrahim, CM Lim Guan Eng, Abdul Hadi Awang and whomever that concerned,
Thank you! You all did a great job anyhow! And y'all are our real heroes forever! Hard works will one day be paid! No matter how the appealing result is gonna be, we're not going to lose hope! Let's make it at the next GE! GO PR GO!!!

Malaysians, Be strong, and stay safe!
While they're fighting for justice, don't create any problem to fail their plans!
Be good guys! To be silence and wait patiently is the only solution!
Now, light up your profile picture and support them!
And pray for our petitions on White House to be concerned!
*Finger crossed*
Amitofo, Amen, Ahamdullilah.
And one last thing,

ahfen wrote

*What I written above is just my own thoughts and has no offense to anyone, as a Malay saying goes, Siape makan cili, siape rasa pedas.*


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