Life is dull if you've no dream.

Feeling really desperate recently.
I didn't know why am I so upset.
Perhaps I know why but I just don't feel like accepting it.

It's been three months since the release of the results.
It's already June now and July is coming which signifies the end of a half year but I'm here doing nothing.

You should be chasing your dreams fearlessly.
Chasing dreams?? Are you serious?
I don't even know how!

Being so lifeless now.
Undergoing life I'm not even satisfy at all.
Life that I don't want it to continue this way.
I want life that I want.
But there's no solution, not even an answer to my question: "HOW"

Hint is given. The result is the key.
To my life. That I want.
A.N.D the problem is I got poor result for my Biology paper which fails my entire life.
That I want.

Taking A level again for one and a half year?
That I didn't know I could make it or not in the end?
Maybe ended up like what I'm doing now?
Being lifeless?

I dare not take risk.
I'm so afraid of failure.
Please. Someone please teach me how to do. What to do.

Or maybe I should just go and live in a farm.
And sing along, old Eloise Fen had a farm, e i e i o................................... x
(Yea I just got myself an English name 洋名)

ahfen wrote


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