Nothing to do with the title but its my quote of the day lol.

Ok I just simply strike a title and start writing lol.
Because I'm totally out of inspirations and ok let's just talk about my life.
My May ended up pretty happily, with satisfaction!!

1. Can't wait to go Taiwan!!! 

Yeah we just closed one eye and booked our flight to Taiwan.
Happily planned our trip, cause we're having free-form trip teehehe!
In order to save money to have more budgets on shopping! HAHA
(Schedule to be shared after my trip ya! ^.^)
I believe Taiwan would be a shopping paradise!
And oh! Anyway!! Those who went and have some recommendations! Please leave me a message!! ;)
(Focusing on Taipei!)

2. Net Net came back to Malaysia!

Life without her is somehow dry & dull!
We won't miss catching up with each other each time she comes back!
Went to explore all the hot & new spots in Alor Star and had real fun with her!
She's indeed a great friend to talk to and steady buddy to share secrets with :)))
I love how trust being built up firmly within us!
And of course with my babe Xi too :D BFF foreva for thrice of us! Cheers!

3. June : Last month having my piano practical lesson!
I learnt piano for 8 years already and I got both practical and theory done at grade 8's level!
Imma kinda late & old for some people cause I'm now already 19 and the half yet I'm just finishing it.
But I'm pretty proud of myself also. Luckily I passed through it.
I remember I used to hate going to piano lessons cause imma lazy but I'm now starting to miss it.
Anyhow, according to my mom, I started to demand for piano lessons since 7 and she rejected me then.
And I asked for it at the age of ten again and I got rejected with UPSR as the reason lolll.
I finally got admitted for piano lessons at form 1!
And I've totally no regret learning piano.
Its the best choice I've ever made in my life because I got the best tutor on earth (as for me :p)
Although I'm quite angry at her sometimes, haha but I knew it's all for my own sake.
Thank you Ms Leow, without you, I'm nothing. (which I'm so shy to say this in person hahaha!)

Shitz. July is killin'.

4. Sister is on fire!
LOL Ok she's actually getting married!
Not gonna reveal who she's to avoid those sampat-po gossip about her.
Congratulation my bebbbbbb!
So sad I couldn't be your bridesmaid :'(
Blame the stupid practical exam which crash exactly with your wedding date! Hmmmmph!
Envy envy! I love how love birds get married!
Imagine when you finally get married with the love one...
You get to see him every morning when you wake up, every night before you sleep.
You finally got someone to bear your problems, share your happiness.
Eternity is just not far from you, the love is in the air.....
Awwwwwwwwwww. I feel like settling down too. With the one I love. To the future. To forever.

5. Like what I mentioned, Practical Exam
Yea it's my piano practical exam which I think it would be the very last one in my life.
Unless imma gonna take music course in my further study lollllll.
2 more weeks for me to practise hard to strike in this very last practical exam!
Wishing myself all the best haha!!!
Go go go!

6. Went water park of The Carnival!
Goood! Didn't got any photo of it and hence I'm not able to really write a review about it.
Haha rated 7 upon 10 la overall.
It would be better if every spot is connected cause I gotta get outta water and walk on the freaking hot land to another spot. It's burning :(
And it would be the best if there's a roof HHAHAHAHA impossible.
OK la worth going also.
I'm happy, I found that I somehow remembered how to swim! Weee!
Swimming pool, I dare you!!! haha lollllllllllll
Got darken but it's indeed a great experience with my girls.
HAHA even squeezed in one tiny bathroom and bath together hahahahah cray cray.
(with innerwear on loll you dirty minded)

7. Results on Admission to University is about to be released!
Punch muself, I don't even remember what's the final result of my first choice haha.
Which one I opted it as my first choice har -.-
LOL I don't care la actually........
Just see what they're going to offer me la.
I think most probably I'm going to private for enrolment of pre-university courses again.
I want to get my dreams fulfilled.
I want. I need to. Aikkkkkkkkkksssssssss.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hating the coming July.
I'm pretty headache about it!
First week of it: Practical Exam kissin' Wedding day.
Second week of it: Time to reject or accept the offer of local Uni.
Third week of it: Gotta get Taiwan scheduled planned properly! And to celebrate babe Xi's birthday
Forth week of it: Mummy's birthday!

With all the dearests' birthdaysssss come together! :'(
Wrong month to go.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Quote of the day : They see me rollin', they hating.

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