Broke Down within First Month

-fxcked up-

Time flies, two weeks passed, just like this.
And here I am again. Tryna complain about everything lolllll
Well, the orientation had already disappointed me and so as the university life.

Okay I shall start talking about my lectures and my lecturers first.
Actually, more than half of my lecturers are PhD.
I should be really proud of it.
But here goes this saying "They can be real good in knowledge but not necessarily good in teaching"
Most of them just couldn't pass out the information to us.
This just somehow makes us blur. With what we had already studied.
Some lecturers are like, focusing on the basic thing for ages and skip-jump the important one.

Especially for Electrical Technology.
Broke down, apparently, during her lecture.
Nobody noticed about it la of course.
I stressed out.
I know nothing about Physics.
Haven't been studying about it for at least three years.
And I doubt I learn a thing during form 4 and form 5. So now with a total of five years or more....
Cause I don't really work hard on it............
I know where's the problem and what's the reason.
I refused to take in what she taught, somehow.
I couldn't digest information she gave.
I feel like killing myself, banging myself to the wall.
Didn't know when this started. Maybe I'm just too shame of myself.
She kept on repeating that this is the MOST basic thing yet I can't even catch a thing.
I somehow.................wish I took course related to bio. At least I'm familiar with some of them lolll.
Hoping myself to get closer to Physics asap la. :(
Physics, can we befriend? 

Now even my german language class gets tougher.
Things got complicated...

And I hate one fact about Uni is that...
You'll never know how the questions are gonna be.
Because there is no format to follow T.T
I don't even know where to start studying.
Like for german language, besides memorizing, it still needs to be memorized.
You'll never know what comes out next...
Like the movie, Final Destination lollllllllllllllll.

And hating another bad thing about myself. Which I mentioned it in my previous post.
I hate socialising, with human, having attitude I dislike.
I don't like faking a smile mingling around with people I don't even really know well.
How I know if he/ she takes out a knife in next second and attack me from behind..
Well in short, betraying.
I just couldn't adapt myself with this entirely new environment.
Even in my house, I'll be like forever-ly staying inside my own room.
But it's with the door opened la. :D
I love doing works alone, (not applicable when i'm with my bf and bffs.)
Ahhhhh I miss my friends. my babes. and my BOBBY!
Too bad I can't make it for gathering this Friday (Why is the senior meeting have to be on this day!?)

Oh and FOOD.
I laosai-ed for so many times already until I couldn't recall when is the last time I pangsai normally.LOLLL hahha it's way too over. Not a fact kay? haha
But in fact I really got laosai quite a number of time la.
And it has to be related to the best joke of the year.
My hostel, has been voted to have to most type of food.
All I can see, besides malay's nasi, it's still malay's nasi. WHERE IZ D VARIATION?
Fortunately, Sky got eyes XD 天有眼. One vegetarian rice stall appears at the right time!
Tho it's not that yummy as I think it'd be... you can't imagine the queue...
At least, something different la. Something healthier.

I hope more stalls with variation (highlight highlight highlight) being set up quick!
I'm getting bored with these food T.T

Till then, will be back soon :D

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