How is BFF define?

What bff does.

Having urge writing a post related to bffship, to dedicate to whoever that loves me out there :D
(While writting my lab report loll haha. Shall continue it after this post :PPPP)

Bff, Best-Friend-Forever.
Honestly, I didn't expect myself to have such a huge bunch of good friends, with great quality.
I'm truly thankful for this beautiful arrangement!
Great and bliss to have you guys as my secondary school friends. (and university-mates for some)
Which this made my dull secondary school life unforgettable.
Just because of the existance of you guys.

Deep inside my heart, there's a few that I know I can fully trust'em.
A few that I can talk to them like nobody-else. Not worrying them to betray me.

BFF, is when you talk to him/her (to shorten post, i'll just write her later on), you shall hide no-things.
BFF, is when you don't talk to her, having completely silence, which when this situation happens somewhere else with someone else it turns, it's relaxing with no awkwardness at all.
BFF slaps you in face, knocks your head and hugs you in arm when you cries.
She loves you but wouldn't want to see you making same mistake again.
BFF did whatever she can just to see you smile, even to dig out secrets she would never want to share to someone else beside herself.

BFF talks the same as you, does the same as you, laughes together with you and cries together with you.
BFF is a family member, she shares your everything, your joy, your miserables, your cup, your bathroom, even your house.
BFF is an alternate of boyfriend, she holds you in hands, hugs you in arms, and kisses your cheeks.
BFF is amazing, and it's amazing for me to have quite a few of them.

This feeling is getting stronger as our bonds got closer and been strengthen.
I can feel explicit love from them!

I remember how last time when I lost every single data on my thumbdrive...
I cry all over the night.
I just wechatted one of my bff.
I know she's actually pretty busy with her studies yet she did replied me nicely and rudely also somehow hahhaa.
Even dig out her deepest secret to share with me. Although she said that she'll only tell me face-to-face hiakhiak, you got no chance to regret! :p
Thank you, for all your efforts. In making me smile.
I don't even realise since when I got a smile on my face while chit chatting with you.

And thanks to my roommate who make me laugh like... lolll.
I don't even know I shall continuing crying or just laugh off hahaah.

Ahhhhhhhh having too much people to thank to in this incident!
Never feel so blissful. ♥♥♥
But anyway, I wasted so much tears that day as I finally recovered all data already! hehe
(And in case if anyone need that software to recover data from virus invaded thumbdrive or any drives, believe PhotoRec *click to go in*. Thank you to the developer and one thing to say to y'all, it's free!!! ;D)

Didn't want to mention anyone in this post as all are best friends :D
But there's some that I truly categorised them as bff, which I believe they'll know by themselves ;)
As BFF can know each other's thinking without any word spoken. Right?

Last but not least, I would want to claim that, I cry not because I'm cry-pou 哭包 (hahahha words describing people who love crying so much so much in chinese)
It's because, in that thumbdrive, it's all my priceless memory.
Photos hanging out with friends and on all sorta events! Even of photos with my bf.
I can't believe and couldn't accept it to disappear just like that! :(
But clouds disappeared and I finally caught some sunlight :P 雨过天晴 XDDD

Till then. And.


ahfen wrote


  1. That's the way I love u babe!!. stalking every single blog you write while making some business on the toilet bowl ♡

    1. Sorry babe I only managed to reply you now as I used diff commenting system last time that I'm not notified for this comment ><
      WOW so sweet of you harrrr, stalk me while doing business on the toilet bowl har! hahahahah! please make sure the smell is contained! :P


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