Things I learnt from U


Finally get the mood to blog. :D
(Too many miserables happened recently.)
I actually want to blog about human I met in U.
But was pretty sensitive. :X
I'll just leave it until the day I graduated wahhahhahaha!

So, things I learnt from university.
Guess what am I going to talk first?!
Haha this phenomena exists in every single public universities in Malaysia I suppose.
Which is to fight for a seat, on a bus.
To be accurate, it's to fight over a bus.

I am so amazed by the level of how they fight for a bus. S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y
Especially the foreigners. -LOL 他们合作愉快. 我们不够团结......................

Knowing that that's not their fault, actually....
It's the problem of how the company arrange the schedule of the buses.
I'm so mad with the system.
UniMAP yes, indeed has the most shuttle buses.
But then, we have the most shattered faculties and hostels also.
Why can't you guys fix a schedule like how "Rapid" company did?
Now, I miss Taiwan! :( (HAHA till now haven't write about my trip....)
I hate how the buses are being controlled instantly by those who in charge on the spot.
There's some timetable for some certain places. But it can never be accurate. #dfuq

The first day I went attending lectures.....
Ok before lectures I had to go somewhere else to register for foreign language.
Then I've to shutter to another place for my lecture.
Waited for so long but there's not even a bus that could shutter me there!
And here comes the first taxi I took.
The second taxi shuttered me from lecture to town as there's slot before another lecture.
And there's no buses to there according to timetable and we're willing to take for this second taxi
But lollllllll. We're forced to take the third taxi.
We thought there will be definitely a bus back to the place I attend lecture,
As there's a timetable for that.
But fts, it's so not gonna happen -.-
Fed up before 15mins of our lecture and decided to take that third taxi.
Fortunately the taxi driver got offer us a bit :P

So ya, first thing I learn from this institute I'm studying is that, 要早回家,就是要抢 lolll.
Even learnt some skills from what I've previously experienced and from what senior had experienced.
The funniest scene I've ever seen is that there's one time our bus broke down and right in front there is another faculty of our university. The driver then just asked us to go down and take another bus.
The moment I went down, walking toward the bus, with some crowds fighting there from there already.
(Since I sit at the first row and I was the first one to go down.)
That crowd mysteriously cooperate to block us from going up the bus. And to go near it.
I heard someone shouted "Block block block!" And they formed a circle then.


Ended up 80% of that crowd didn't manage to go up that bus as the bus was full. HAHA
Engkai beligud, chi sugus! hahahahahha

Ok next thing I learn from U.
Still related to the word : fight.
Our university is kinda famous, with their system.
Since the first day I entered here, with the registration.
I somehow, already felt like this.
Then, during the whole week of MSK (Majlis suai kenal if I'm not mistaken.)
Those PPMS (Pembantu-pembantu MS) claimed that, those were all arranged by university.
And they've no idea but to follow.
I thought these kinda orientation suppose to make good image for the freshies.
Why do we have to practise the culture of 'seniors bully juniors'?
With the reason of, only once a lifetime. -.-
Only makes the juniors hate the seniors forever lolllll.
Back to the system thing.
First day registration-Course registration-Student card application(taking photo)-ptptn.....
And anything related that I may be forgotten...
It's a huge mess!!!!
Wtf really cannot just wait and relax one.....
I don't understand!! Why can't you guys follow the instruction!
You wake up late, it's you matter and you should just line up!
你都上课 我们也有上课!你要睡觉 我们也要睡好吗!
所以有时候不是真的要抢咯,可是如果你没有抢,永远都轮不到你 -.-
So sorry if I've ever come to that I'm fighting over with you :PP
I hope number system can be integrated lolll like bank one :D!!!!

Ok enough with the bad habits I got from there.
Here's some good one to share with :D
I now started to practise to study every single day!

(Ok not applicable when I'm in my hometown hahahaha...)
After my organic chemistry quiz, I just can't stop urging myself to study.
I can blame no one but to my own laziness for those silly mistake I made in it.
Thinking yourself have already got it all will always prove you wrong.
:( I really need some refills.
Really really need to study hard, I don't want myself to regret for the third time :(
Never mind we still have a lot of time is only applicable for students in secondary school.
As assignments might strike us any minutes.
And by that time, unless you turn yourself zombie, else you'll have no time to study at all...
Once turned into zombie for few nights, and that was suffering, I don't want it to happen anymore :(
Look at my eyebags look at my dark eye circle look at my dull skin look at my pimples.
T.T Damn this sh**********t.

Another good habit I practised, is that I finally increased the frequency of forcing myself to sleep properly lolllllllllllll.
Ja, Ich bin. (Yes, I'm)
Sleeping properly, (I mean with the position where your back stick fully to the bed) is easy, for other people. But not for me. As I used to sleep with super weird position.
Love lying to the side. Which this caused my backbone to be somehow tilted lolllll haha.
And as my backache is going severe, and more frequent.
I've no choice but to force myself whenever I found myself awake.
(Sounds so pity right T.T hahaha)

I actually got so many to write before I start writing this.
But lollll, when it comes to words, I suddenly couldn't recall of any.
Next time I shall bring a small notebook along to note down whatever and whenever I wanna blog! :(

Till then! Shall continue working for my Taiwan Trip post! ;)
Stay tuned.

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