Desired Life

My life = My goal

We all are brought to this world on one purpose.
To live our own life.
I always believe, that our faith is on our hand.
It's us, ourselves, that decide what life we deserve.

I've been once, trying to give up on my life.
That's a very horrifying thinking.
It drags all your hope away from you.
You see no light, and no future.
You're grounded in a small dark box, and you thought it's safe inside.

But thanks Gods that I survived through that.
There's scars on my hands which I used to be very shamed of them.
Now, that's what I see my hope through that.

Today, I'm going to write about life I've been desiring.
Life that I want it goes that way :D

Remember what I blogged about Dreams here?
That's part of my goals, to be achieved one day.
Now I can no longer be a veterinarian, but that doesn't mark a full stop for using my life in serving animals.

I remember I cried very hard last time, for quite a long period, after getting my STPM results, cause I thought that's the end.
But no it ain't, now, I'm going to serve animals in another way, that I'm going to talk later.

Well, this is life I imagine it to be. Don't be so serious reading it.
Everyone wants to attain a perfect life, so do I :P

~5 years later
I will be graduating that time. I hope it's with First Honor.
So that every companies will fight for me, every universities fight for me.
It's decision between persuading PhD and a highly paid satisfying job.
(If you graduate with First Honor, you need not persuade master :D)
Where the former one, I'll maybe a lecturer two years later which this will also be highly paid one, with loose schedule, leisure life.
And the latter one a competitive job, although highly paid but works done = salary received, hectic life.
It'd be a very hard decision, as if I choose to be the former one, I'll have many time for other things but that shouldn't be life for engineers.
But if I choose the latter one, I'll be busy for other matters.
No matter how, I'll need to choose one, right?
If it's you, how would you choose for me? :D (Comment down there if you've opinion.)

For me, I might have chosen the latter one, to be a real engineer first, at the first place.
I love challenging life more than the one that's more towards leisure life.
For the first ten years, as I'm still young, I think I'll be fighting real hard for my life and my pocket!

First portion of my money will goes to my house & car.
A double storey house will do, and maybe a Toyota car :D
As Toyota car is a oil-saving car so I don't have to invest much in pumping oil :P
Yerp, I love Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Mazda too :( But it's too luxury yet for me as a fresh graduate.
To be specific, Volkswagen new Beetle, Hyundai Sonata, and any Mazda car ahahha I just love its 'smile'. Well of course, few years later I'll owning them if I have extra money.

Second portion of my money will goes to my parents!
This is to thank them in growing me up.
I know it's hard to raise a children up.
Fees for education is killing nowadays. Free education not equal to free of charge's education.

Third portion of my money will goes to 'marriage investment'.
If by that time, I'm still with the one I'm having now, sure I think I'm marrying him :D
As that would be the seventh years we've been together.
Facing all the ups and downs together, goes through the obstacles and difficulties together. and to make love an energy to survive through this hard life.
"Yes, I do."

Forth portion of my money will goes to my personal investment, or I'll just save it for my own sake.
A correct investment grows our money.
And habit in depositing money avoids unnecessary problems.

Fifth portion of my money which this is the rest of my money will goes to charity.
Charity concerning animals will be at the first place.
I'll first donate a sufficient amount for Pak Mie to maintain his shelter for cats and dogs.
(If you don't know who is he, google it, or go to the blog post Dream with the link I attached. I got a video there.)
I'll help, in building a better system for him. for the animals.
I'll secondly donate a portion of money for 猫村 in Taiwan.
(I don't know how to translate it, copy this and paste in google to know more :D)
I hope cats have a better life there, especially during winter time, I hope they can provide cats enough shelters and food.
Other portion of my money will goes to some organization that helps animals out!

~another 3 years later
I'm 28 this time, if nothing goes wrong, I'll be marrying in this year, like what I planned.
I want an escape marriage. 不是逃婚哦!
No dinner, only some traditional ceremony, dinner with both side of family :D
And off to countries we love. Just both of us.

I want my house, to be in a theme I like by that time.

~another two years later
By this time, I hope I'll have my own children.
It would be the best if I got twins, with different gender hahhahaa!!
So I don't need to get pregnant for the second time! :P
一举两得,一箭双雕 bwahahhahahahah!!!!
Maybe I'll changing into a bigger house! ;)))
And that I can afford whatever I want to buy!
Any luxury items I want :) No longer window shopping.
But with my hard earned money!

~10 years later
I'm already 40 now. :目
I think I'll maybe quit from my current job to get a easier job.
But maybe also la by that time, my job position very high already which means works done not equal to salary received... hahha (In short, job became easy la)
I'll start to do more for animals that time.
Building a shelter for them. I mean like buying a house, huge one, with proper drain system.
For all the stray cats and dogs.
And to fight for all the animals! For a better life for them :(
They don't deserve what they have now.

I believe, I can one day, be undergoing life like what I wrote here.

Ok I shall just stop here.
I worry if I continue writing, I can't stop already haha!
Maybe when I'm 40, I'll continue to write another twenty years again :P
Or by that time, I'll just laugh reading this, at myself XDD
See you again next time!!

So what's your desired life? :)

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