The Miserable

Caption: "As you can see."

Life's always hard.
And it depends on you, whether you wanna lead a happy life or a saddy lifey.
Be tough and don't ever let miserable kill you.

Well, I sorta had a small chaos with my lecturer.
I don't know if it's me that took that seriously or it's the lecturer who took it very bery seriously.
By writing this, again, I bear some risks, because I once submitted my blog as my assignment and the hell I damn regretted on that. :/ Now they could stalk me further.... call me ss but if it really ever happened, who knows?

Very unconsciously, I added a Facebook which is fulled of lecturers of a certain course.
That they promote it as "medium to share news on".
Well, now I doubt that.
If it was to stalk on students, intrude students' privacy, I seriously, DOUBT IT.
But if it's sincerely, used, to concern about students, I accept that, well not very sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

OS: If you once again, go through this, and feel like screen-shot-ing it, I doubt your personality now.

It's about crashing of two exams.
I just got into this university for not more than a half year, and this shit happens on me.
I was just fed up, writing status, as to express the anger of mine.
I usually, used to write a status, either it's on facebook, twitter or my private weibo, even a blog post like what I'm doing now to express my feeling instantly.
And that helps to relieve myself. It never fails me.
I write, I wrote, I forget, I forgot.

Well, maybe, I wrote it too rudely or what.
And one of a lecturer came over and screenshot my whole status with all the comments and reposted it on that facebook account I mentioned earlier.
Can I sue them for intruding my privacy seriously?    i'm just kidding lol
I immediately, then remove them from my facebook, now I don't care what news you're gonna share.
I'll have other ways to get know of it.

As I never ever add or accept teachers into my facebook, well you know, sometimes when you go harsh with the teachers and wanted to write something relevant, you have no place to do so.
My piano teacher and teachers from my centre is an exception, they're friends and I love them all :D

That lecturer who repost my status attached some words for me, saying thanks to me for enlightening the issue like seriously!?
Clarification: OK He did helped us out. And I thank you for that.
And this whole incident kinda ended quite peacefully, for now.
I don't know how this ending gonna twists in the future.
Or if you see me killed and died by the roadside, you know what happen lollolololll hahaha!
Of course, I hope this kinda incident won't happen again.
As you know, 大学谁都可以得罪,唯独老师不可。(Translate: You can quarrel with just anyone in your university, but never a lecturer.)

By the way, I warn you guys ah, beware of what you post on your facebook.
Beware of who you added or accepted into your facebook.
You might introduce some viruses into your little garden.
That it may spreads quickly, and hurt the damn shit of you in just a second.

Till then. Take care.
(Shortest, quickest post I've ever wrote lolll see ya)

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