Happy CNY?? (Blog's Alteration)

(This part is about Home cleaning and Reunion dinner :D)

Happy Chinese New Year y'all! ^^
Gonna blog a bit about my home cleaning and reunion dinner part :D
And about my blog's alteration (I thought I'm going to blog it in another blog post but I'm just too lazy to write hahahhaha so here's some summary of it ><)

Ok so about my blog, the biggest alteration is the header, and the clean background lolll.
I've never try this kind of style. Never really put effort in header before, instead I usually just change my background >.<
So this is really my first trial doing header. How's it?? :D:D:D:D

The other big alteration is my commenting system, I changed my commenting system back to blogger's original one already cause I see blogger's commenting system improved a lot ^^
FYI, I use disqus commenting system before.
Now all the comments gone, so kindly leave me a new comment yaaa! (cheating for comments wtf XD)
I also deleted the facebook like box under every blog posts so I now basically can only know the amount of people reading my post through comments only :(
One blogger takes long time to really complete a blog post and he uses really a lot a lot a lot of effort writing it. Comments let the blogger know how well or how bad his writing skill is.

I think that's all about the major alterations :D Just explore the other by yourself yaaaaa! Gonna back to my main topic today lololollllllllllll

Happy CNY?
Seriously, I didn't expect much this year.
I didn't really have the mood, maybe it's because CNY this year is coming way too fast...
Don't you think so?! In the past, it's usually around the end of February or mid of March.
JANUARY seriously?!!!! Goshhhhh, not ready for this sh*t.
Only finish my final earlier this month and you expect me to have great mood hunting clothes?
Even if I do, pretty good clothes also being bought by others la T.T
I majorly just buy through website. :(

Besides, about home cleaning part, I'm quite down about it also.
My mom is always busy, leaving me alone tidying the house with my dad.
The most importantly is that she'll always complain to the changes I made! :(
Like "why put like this?" "Why change my thing like this?"....
Please, if you've any comment, speak it during the cleaning process.
Which means you only have the right to comment if you're involved.
I'm tired enough cleaning up the house, don't mess with me. :////

Anyhow, today's reunion dinner is kinda of succeeded also. 
Had early reunion lunch at my grandma's place.
The food is quite ok except that I really don't love the part the parents compare the children.
I think comparison made by parents is actually the major part building hatred feeling inside a child.
Eventhough if comparisons made are positive towards your children, which possibly you'd always think your children the best, I don't think this is healthy for children.
Your children the best then the best lah! Why do you need to kind of compare somemore? True hero doesn't need praises.

Another thing i don't like about reunion dinner is it's so meat-kinda food T.T
Ok it's me that hate veges but I'm learning......... T.T
吃得好不安心呀 :(

Stop talking about all the bad things!
Chinese New Year is meant to be celebrated happily right!
It's been awhile since the last time I really greet my friends one by one during festival.
Now I did again, and I'm happy I did that!
Reading all the replies to the posts you posted (which you put a lot of effort making it specially fit) makes all the hardworks paid off <3
Next year CNY I also want to wish my babes one by one also! :D
Guess it'd be much more to be greeted as I can foresee myself making another bunch of great friends in my university! :DDD

Again, Happy CNY to all of you! 马年行大运!
不要求什么,只希望一辈子简简单单 开开心心就好!

今年有守岁吗? :D (我没有 哈哈哈哈)

ahfen wrote


  1. wow! really like your header neh! seriously love your blog design! i have a tendency to go hire you to design my blog for me too. hahaha

    1. Hehe thank you ya! No problem as long as I can help as I'm not very professional one lol >.<


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