Back with craps "I'm braced"

Baby bobby is actually looking at the camera too :P

Hi, it's been awhile since the last time I really blog.
(Peeped at the date of my last post.....) WAO February seriously?!!!
I'm getting busier and busier each day in my university.
Been through some hard moments of my life.
And that's what that stopped me from blogging.
Because I ain't ready to tell yet. that time.

Well, like what my title said, I'm back with craps.
So let's just give me a few minutes talking about craps.
I'm back to university few days after Valentines' Day after I wrote that Valentines' related blog post.
And been totally disappeared from my blog.

Talking about university...
Okay, I think I've never ever mentioned about my results last semester right?
Can only say that I still fall within first class.
That I've no confident at all to maintain the pointer this semester.
Because it contains "University Malay Language" this semester.
Friends who heard me having conversation in Malay know me.
I suck in talking in Malay.
(whispering) I remember I used to score well in Malay subject......................... *coughcough*
And yea, "Korean Language" as well. 
I didn't really watch Korean dramas nor listen to Korean songs.
I just don't want. I love English songs :)

Besides, reason I can't update my dead blog is that I'm having part time job earlier.
PART TIME JOB while pursuing degree seriously?!
Yea seriously. I'm poor.
I'm very poor. There's two trips awaiting me and I got no money at all.
It burns a lil bit inside every time I mention about this.

Part time job yea, I worked as Sensodyne's sampling promoter.
I've learned a lot seriously.
It's not easy being a sampling promoter. And it's not easy being a customer who walked by sampling promoter lolololollllll.
The difficulty level in approaching customer is as high as the difficulty level of customer to reject cute promoter like me!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Seriously have you guys ever noticed about the colour bar at the bottom of toothpaste?
It actually indicates the chemical proportions of the toothpaste.

Black - Complete chemicals (D*rlie)
Red - Mostly Chemicals + Neutral (C*lgate)
Blue - Neutral + Medicine (Sensodyne, as it's famous for sensodyne relief, yea it contains medicine)
Green - Neutral

Some said it's not true but from my observation, I tried thrice D*rlie, C*lgate & Sensodyne.
(Not trying to promote something as I stopped working, just sharing :D)
The most obvious observation is that D*rlie has the most bubbles and Sensodyne the least. 
I read through article about Sodium Laureth Sulphate before.
It's like this, that articles said that this chemical actually harms our skin. Yet we're forced to use it everyday.
It's a kind of chemical that produces bubble. Can you imagine shampoo without bubbles?
Or I should say foams. Anyway, just something that multiples quickly to provide efficient cleaning.
I remember I'm so worry that time, I go and read through ingredients of every shampoos found in my house.
Not a single one of them not containing SLS. 
Even I went supermarket and have a peep on every shampoo possible, NOT A SINGLE ONE.

So now I categorize 'em like this, for those take colour bar as bullsh*ts.
D*rlie has the most SLS and Sensodyne the least.
Well from this aspect, you know which is more harmful.
Honestly, you need to put a lot of Sensodyne toothpaste to thoroughly clean your teeth. :/
It's so little in package, so expensive in price yet, finish the fastest.
People used to say, "NO I ONLY USE D*RLIE CAUSE IT'S BETTER"
Now I say, of course better, you're using toothpaste with most SLS.
It's just the same as shampoo, people tend to assume that the one with more bubbles cleans more efficiently.

OS: Not writing full name of the product because I worry if I'm not allowed to talk about that.

Last but not least!!
I can have perfect smile soon!
#Lemmetakeaselfie -....-

Honestly, it don't feel good getting your healthy teeth pulled.
I need to get rid of 4 teeth before getting my Orthodontic Treatment started.

This selfie was taken after the last time I went to get my teeth pulled.
Two at once. Bye my teeth. :(
I look pale cause it's really not a good experience.

I always said, if I'm given chance to choose, I'll not be compromising.
I won't have this treatment started. I just want my healthy gum back.

I'm that kind of girl that I can be happy by just eating.

Now I can eat happily as usual! Just that they all have to be in small pieces :P
Spaghetti Sushi I'm back with braces!!! W R U?! 

Till then.

ahfen wrote


  1. ahh i can feel the braces pain!
    lol , iextracted two teeth before doing it, so i cn guess four teeth is like ..@#*$&(!?
    but anyway the result will cheer you up
    you can work in my Perlis music centre too, if you don't mind . haha

    1. YAYA! The hardest moment was the time when they insert the rubbers. I can't bite at all :(
      hahaha indeed but not sure if I can maintain it this semester :(
      I've been considering about that too but I guess they weren't lack of piano teachers haha ><


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