All of Me (Summing up second semester)

Loves in the air.

Wie gehts readers? Hahaha
It's been a hell three months since the last update.
Seriously, I'm busy. T.T
Not mentioning my poor blog, not even facebook I've extra time to scroll through.
So i seriously don't know the latest condition of my mates.
I don't know what's trending on facebook, and I don't know the latest news worldwide.
TSK. I've already lack of newspaper to read in my university, I can't even catch up with facebook's one.
I feel like I'm the frog in the well........ T.........T

The same as usual, I'm so gonna crap through whole post.
Which I'll mainly divide them into several parts to make it less messy which will still look messy... hahaha

Well, let me have a short update about my orthodontic treatment.
So that I'd not forget it in the future.
Forget about the past, of what I've posted about all the miserable of having it.
Although it's still painful now as I just went tighten it days ago......
I'm actually doing very great.
I went silver kind of colour as the first colour into pink and now yellow.
Holes are still there wide opened. TSK.

My fangs went down and the lower part got straighten.
Now I'm just gonna have my uppers adjusted to the middle one by one.
As it's not center aligned T.T
Smile's getting perfect. I know I'm gonna loving it.... hehe.
So forget about what I said. YES it is suffering for the preparation period.
Yet it feels darn good now. So if you're considering, yes, you might.

Actually, I think I'm having the least subjects this semester, but I'm yet so busy.
HAHA. And I'm so shy to have the reasons stated out later T.T

But anyway, the main reason goes to the crazy addiction to a online game.
I'm like playing it 24-7.
My roommate even went mad on me.
Trying all sort of cute warnings to stop me HAHAHA.
Teasing me all day to stop me HAHAHA.
Yet I went unstoppable. I played while she's not around, I played when she's not conscious HAHA.
Well that apps is named Palace app. (宫廷计)
A game which allows you to grow a character to be queen / king.
I although don't aim to be at that position, I just love go playing, have my mind relaxed.
Throwing all the actual world problems away. Get along with the wonderful created online world.
Messing around with my online mates, chit chatting, making jokes, borderless.
Problems actually exist in that 'wonderful created online world'....
I think it's me who's so drowned in that game.
Getting my mood and emotion swings along.
I'm yet, can't just leave it.

For every friends I made..........
I let them in. I just let them in.
Ended up world collapses when they leave. teared into parts and broke into pieces.
Reminding me of many friends that I regretted my childish moves, immature acts...
I'm not sure if I can make it better going back in time.
I now started building walls, tall and dangerous.
I managed not to let anyone in.... anymore.
Those stays inside, stays inside. Those stays outside, remains still.

And oh! Talking about my roommate.
I've never truly show appreciation to her. She's been nice to me.
Real nice. She helped me a lot, I'm so grateful to have her this one year.
Too bad we aren't  fated to be together T.T HAHA
Due to my too-scattered-university, I've to live in different area with her next year.
Thank you, 真心喜欢你。
家里的门,房间的门一直开着,有时间就回来 ♥

I'm now having crazy crave for TVD season 6 and The Originals Season 2.

# The Originals

# The Vampire Diaries

I remember myself getting all 5 seasons finished in one freaking week and the originals in 1 day.
HAHAHAHAHA I'm pitifully crazy.
Now I'm pitifully craving for the originals. Seriously.
The originals over the vampire diaries.
The originals hung me middle out of nowhere.

*Spoiler alert: Have a quick scroll through if you haven't watch the originals*

What will happen to the kid? Clocking spell seriously? A trusted witch? I wonder who TT
And what's the parents doing there?! Why is the mother even get revived?!
And what's in the mind of Davina? Why she acted that way? What's her plan?
T.T gosh, I'm so gonna spend the rest of my summer break thinking about this tsktsk.


How can a drama can be made this good!
I would love to rate it 11 out of 10.
It's so good, I just can't. T.T
Although effects got too over sometimes, and went out of logic hahahha!
Yet, it's still perfect for me ♥♥♥♥♥

I'm so worry, I don't think I'm able to hold my pointer this semester T.T
I almost only get one subject done revising, or I should say reading as some are fresh new to me, one night before the exam.
Almost every subject I did so, for those who need memorizing.
Mathematics the craziest, I don't even touch the day before the exam, I've my hand on my phone whole day and only when it comes to night, guilty came and I then started revising T.T
The only subject I've faith in is my extra language subject, Korean. T.T
Pass with flying colour I pray to my prayer T.T HAHAHA
Ok next semester I'm so gonna do it better.
(this sounds damn familiar, i think I heard it coming out from 'someone's' mouth last semester XD)

Thank you to my pretty lecturer who works really hard so we can cope well.
Thank you for the night. The food, the laughter, and the memory.

HAHA ok what else?
What else I actually planned to write in this article earlier.... hmmmm....
I guess that is all.
I need to push a lil bit for my taiwan trip's post right before my next vacation hehe!
Stay tuned. Gonne have it published out fast.

Till then. See you guys again! ♥

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