Life's Bomb

I wish if time stops.

Life's kinda miserable until Mid August came.
I had some vacations at the end of August, it's awesome.
Had my brain relaxed, and my mind refreshed.
Life's beautiful again.

I'm so lazy to keep updating about my Taiwan trip,
and even lazier to update about my Bali trip.
So here am I writing about sentimental thing again.

Earlier this month, my mom had unusual menstruation.
She went to have medical check up and found out her health problems too.
Another life's bomb.

Was so obsessed to "Where Daddy Goes", 爸爸去哪兒, a lifestyle show.
Never fail to cry everytime listening to its theme song.
The lyrics, they are so touching.

"You grow up so fast while I grow grey hairs"

Seriously, the same time I'm wishing I can grow up faster is the exact same time my parents are growing older, and older.....
I remember when I was teen, when we had a small earthquake....
I can't sleep the whole night after that earthquake.
I'm that kind of overthinking person.
I was thinking about how should I actually wake my parents up if it really comes.
Because that earthquake is not long after SiChuan earthquake.
I don't wanna loose my parents.

Even now, each time thinking that one day I might actually loose them all,
like now, seriously now, I'm crying.
Thinking of loosing them hurt me so much.
Thinking of their funerals tear me apart.
I just can't imagine life without them.....

/// Omg I feel so terrible now. :(

Even myself, I have my own health problems already.
But I believe one day I'll recover :D

Life's short.
I don't know if I showed my appreciation, my gratitude.
Deep down, I appreciate each one of you.
I'm thankful I met you, I'm glad we're friends :) *lots of love*

Till then, LOLOLOLLL I'm actually so speechless. Blogging seems so new to me / . \
Hahahaha, see you again!

ahfen wrote


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