Life as Senior

Life's still awesome as always.

Not senior citizen lol! Haha
Hello! Doing well here starting my life as a university second year senior.
But guess I'm still too young to be greeted as senior.
(Please, I'm still 18, hashtag18forever)
I actually hate people call themselves senior, senior sounds like something who's prior some people, (talking about level of status)
Putting yourself at a position that's so high sometimes just isn't a good thing.

Okay, anyhow I'm just out of idea in putting title. hashtagbloggers'problem haha!
Sometimes we feel like we're (wait...)
Sometimes I feel like I'm writing almost the same thing all over.
Writing shits about life. Well, shits that are pretty wonderful and awesome.
And they all are actually having the same title. "Life"
Imagine, if I've a whole list of blog posts named "life", haha! Crazy.

Talking about wonderful shits...
I'm thankful! Thankful to have all these lovely coursemates and housemates!
Gods know how gratitude am I.
Most importantly, I get to stay with my roommate for an extra year again.
垂死的掙扎那種感覺 hahahaha!
We all actually know we'll eventually really split out one day.
But these days, I'm gaining extra this year (that I thought I'm not going to have it anymore) I truly really appreciate.
You may see us quarreling like seriously everytime, just everytime we meet.
You may even see us fighting over small little things, fighting for mirror, fighting for toilet, fighting for bigger space (HHAHAHA) anything..
But that's our sisters' romance. (shy)

And I'm so 'blessed' to get chosen to live in a 'healthy' house!
I take seriously approximately 10 minutes to walk to the bus station.
I remember I used to walk just a few minutes to reach bus station.
T.T side effect of getting older? Nuhhhhhhhh. T.T
Some more the highest floor I get ahhh, 4th floor with no lift, no escalator.
I think I just got slimmer, as I walked an extra mile each day in comparison to last year's.
Please, please tell me I got slimmer, nothing is more convincing than this to comfort me TT HAHAHA.

Coursemates are still awesome as usual.
The only difference is that I can really feel the increasing tension academically this year.
Tons of assignment, loads of report, and endless tutorials...
That feeling of having a hectic week however..... feels pretty awesome haha!
(LOL 被虐症) It's really boring having nothing to do in kampung.
It feels so great when you've a lot to do to spend time. (of course, you only feel great when you get the things right, completing the stuffs you're supposed to hahaha!)

/// OMG can't imagine I left this post died in my draft without finishing & posting it.

Lemme continue this.....

It feels really awesome to be back in school again, getting surrounded by happy coursemates.
I know it will come to a time, when people eventually break up. 3 years after or whatsoever.
But thanks Gods. Thanks for giving me such a fortunate studying with them.
It wouldn't be great without them.
I may not always, okay with confessing.... I mean like my gratitude.
But let me, today, only today haha! I love you all~

What reminds me of continuing blogging, if you wonder.....
I dropped my damn phone in the damn water bucket. and damn it.
Just got it back from factory just 2 months ago. :(
I feel so bad.... :(

Anyway, for water damaged phone, I've a few advice that i want to share.
Since I've googled a lot for ways to rescue water damaged phone....

1) Never use a hair-dryer to blow your phone, the water droplet may got into deeper section.
(Did this, much regretted, haven't try to open up my phone, cause I want it to have larger time interval to be completely dry.)

2) Instead, use a vacuum to suck the water out of your phone.
(It depends on situation, read a few articles and watched a few videos, theoretically it works. Gonna try it tomorrow after air-dry my phone for 48 hours.)

3) Air dry your phone instead of letting uncooked-rice to do the job.
(If you ever came across with surviving water-damage phone's articles, yes, indeed, uncooked rice acted as a drying agent, but others did better. And letting it to be air dried is better than having it sealed with uncooked rice. or you may try both.)

For your references:

Got my phone sealed in uncooked rice for 16 hours before reading the post.
Removed it out earlier and letting it to air dry for another 32 hours.
Wish miracle could happen.

Actually it's not so severe, just that I'm terrified with the case that, my friend's phone who survived from water damage earlier, had her screen blinking once a while and even worse later - won't be able to charge. And guess what she got after getting technician to open up her phone? She got moss inside her phone.... Although phone is now back to normal all again after it got cleaned up with alcohol....

My phone isn't that type of phone which can be opened up so easily.
I read a post earlier regarding facts about my phone, and even with the tiniest tool, scars stayed.
I hope it's now doing alright T.T
It don't die in water, I'm still able to turn it off to disallow further electricity flows TT
Please pray for it, pray for my sake T.T hahaha TT

Okay back to what I'm supposed to write :(
Got a few of my mid-term tests done. Celebrated a few birthdays of coursemates.
Did a few crazy things before-comma-during-comma-&-after the mid term break.
Always wish if I could be more independent.
I'm too dependent. I rely on people around me.
I know how it feels getting people too relied on me. Tense.
Gotta fix it. Gonna fix it.

HAHA gotta stop here, it's so long and I've no photos to post as my phone is sick TT
See you~~

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