Our Past

Time acts like,
People you think you'd never forget but you've already forgotten.

Helllooooo, here am I granting my promise.
Which is to update more frequently. Hahahaha
Don't know how long this condition can last tho XD

Was reading my old posts, not on this website but on another website.
Time really flies, those posts were written like 6 years ago.
I was so....childish, like...seriously.

Let me first share a few throwback photos.

#1 hahahahaha this was captured with my baby wuu, he was so tiny back then.

#2 小姐 你頭髮有事嗎? hahahaha this was my first photo using 8mp phone camera XD

#3 was I licking the hairdryer?! lololollllll

#4 didn't anybody told you you're so fugly? hahaha

#5 這美眉哪裡來?! 哈哈哈 #心機女 #假裝po醜照美化自己 XDD

This is what puberty did to me, this is what time did to me.
It's really amazing, and miraculously how time change someone, or something.
Reading back my old blog posts which were all written when I was around 16-17.
By the age of 16, we were all so wanting for love.
And 70% of those post talked about love, 25% about friends, and 5% about family.

It feels so weird, when someone who meant so much to you, isn't the same to you anymore.
Someone who you thought you'd love till you die, but you actually don't.
Someone who you thought you'd die for him, but you will never now.
Someone who you said you will never forget about him, about the memories you both shared among, you couldn't even remember his name, not even his face.

I remembered someone told me this before,
"Life is like taking a train, people comes and people goes, you're just one of the stops,
    Firstly you'll feel very sad, very traumatic for the people you lost,
       but as time goes by, you'll eventually feel numb for all the earns and loses,
          you'll start to just let it go, of what you thought you'll never."

And now, even the person who told me this, had been gone for long. and imy.

As you grow up, you'll slowly realize that what you see, what you feel, and what you hear for now, is not for long. Every thing has their own expired date.
My existence itself has it own expiry too.
The laughs, the tears, the fears, the pains.....will turn into nothing eventually.
The one you loved, the one you hated, the one you appreciated, will go on their own way soon.

It feels.......different.
Looking all those names, that you were once so closed with but you were not anymore.
"Yxuan", this name actually stuck on my mind after reading those old post.
She seemed important to me, but I've totally have no idea, and having no related memories about her.
And those people I mentioned in my blog, like I was so dear with, I don't feel the same anymore.
Some I don't even remember how they look like, how they sound like......
I am sorry because I usually chose not to remember bad memories,
What I didn't know was, at the same time, good memories were blurring out too.

This is why I started writing blog (diary), to write down all the good and bad memories.
Guess I'd be scolding myself childish in another six years time. :D

Life is only beautiful with appreciation.

Let's start to appreciate people around you.
You won't know when they are leaving.
Please start to appreciate me, cuz you won't know when I'll be leaving xD

And whenever you feel so shitty that you couldn't take it anymore,
think of the shits you've done before, shits you've overcame before,
They weren't any better than the current shit but you did it.

Let's make beautiful memories worth flashing back maybe 50 years later.

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