Asshole Life

Put away your smartphones and feel your life.

Hello, long time no see hahaha!
I said that I'm going to update more frequently and yet, ended up I didn't keep my word again.
Busy life busy life hahahha!

As pathetic as my title could be, so as my current feeling towards people nowadays too.
And I'm referring to myself too. of course.

I've been thinking titles, gathering ideas in putting all those together in one article like this.
Until just now, I realized how asshole am I for not replying messages most of the times.
I mean, immediately. And that makes my title today.

I read 99% of the messages instantly.
Yes, I'm a nomophobia --- people who can't live without their phones.
And I'm so amazed how I actually survived the day I left my phone at home and going to Penang for whole freaking day without my superman-ish doraemon boyfriend around.
That's when I truly enjoy the environment around me, me chitchating with bff without peeping at phone, me enjoying nice landscape without actually capturing it for social medias, me enjoying my food without actually feed it first to my phone instead of stomach.

It's sad how smartphones are meant to eliminate the spaces between people yet actually pulling them apart.
Instead of going out for some nice chats, you only sit behind your phone typing.
Words, can't mean everything, words, can't be you.
I actually laugh at the some sort of sentence like this, you go HAHAHA typing in the chatbox but you are actually not laughing. This is typically us.
You can craft your thoughts nicely in words, so nice.
But it doesn't represent you at all.
Messages are so dull. "Messages who made my day" could have been better if it's spoken to you.

I've been playing games all day today.
I've been reading every single messages today.
I haven't been replying every single one of them.

Android perks. every messages popped out and you get the read them without "READING" them.

I'm an asshole.

I used to not being an asshole.
I used to reply every messages instantly, regardless who is him/she like in seconds.

I wonder how the society changes me, or how some certain people changes me.
You start to ACT COOL when you have been treated so.
Forgetting it's not this person who treated you so and that he/she is very innocent.
Forgetting how it feels like being treated like that and choosing to ignore others' feeling and only care for yourself.

The society can't take all the blames, I should.
It's me who chose to being so.

Writing this entry does not actually means I'm going to actually change.
But I'm trying to.
I apologize if I've been replying slow.
I'm sometimes forgetful, seriously.
I'm sometimes busy too.
I'll try to not.

I love how my colleagues focus on each other during lunch / dinner / anytime we are together.
They only peep at their phone occasionally --- whenever there's a need.
They enjoy the time being together, the chats, the laughter, even the meal.
I've learnt a lot from them.

Besides, I've been nagging to my boyfriend of how people love to act on social medias.
And that I mean myself too. of course.
I ain't that happy go lucky type of person, I'm a miserable one instead.
But over my social medias, I acted like I'm one.

Yes, I'm grateful for things that happen in life.
But I'm really not a very optimistic person.
I'm sensitive, I'm vengeful, and I take everything into my heart.
I'm pathetic.


Now I am way better tho.

Coming back to the topic hahaah.

On my facebook account, I know like 80% of them in real life.
At least I've met them in people.
Some of them are my close friends, or at least friends I've been mingling for enough periods to allow me to know his/her personalities. (ps I'm very sensitive and observant)

It's awful seeing people pretending to be another person instead of themselves.
I mean myself too, errr.. of course. hahaha.
I am going to say it's awful how social medias made us another person in it.
We're all living to be someone else.
We're all living to live like someone else.

People who actually aren't close to something are close to that something on social media.
People who actually dislike something like something for social media.
People who actually aren't that are that on social media.

Hope you get what I mean.

For instance,
Although I'm really very close with my cat, but most of the time when I posted really close photo of me and him, I'm just kinda making him to pose for me so I can brag on the social media of how much he loves me, how much I love him and how deep we're in love.

I wonder, how would we be, if we're not so social media-oriented.
Guess I'll have more time for my cat if there's no smartphones.
But who knows. It's hard to say.
Although it's sometimes good having smartphones, you can get the latest new, you get to video call your families or friends from the other side of the earth and etc.
Yet it made us became such like-oriented person.

All we concern about is how many likes we are going to get today but not how many times have I talked to the person around me.

Ain't going to criticize anything or anyone.
Just to nag about our asshole life.

Situation where kids are also so attached to phones shook my head left and right too.

How can I stop my kids from getting such addiction to smartphones in the future?
There'll be even more hightech gadgets available by the time I've kid which could be more irresistible.

Just some random talks tho. Bad ending I know. I'll make a better one next time hahaha.
Off to my boyfriend :> He's in need so...
Till then

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