Accidentally come across this draft back in my dashboard.
How long has it been since the day you left me?
It's been a year and 2 months now.

I miss you, you know? :')

I think I've gone through this?
I thought I've gone through this.
But writing this making me tears a lil.
Yet, I insisted to, still writing.
I want to write it down, the tales between you, and I. :')

I remember how you got picked by me from a pet shop.
You were with a bunch of your siblings.
They were all in white and you were the only special one, with grey coat.
You attracted me right away.
With another white female kitty on my mom's hand, I wouldn't want to let you go.

I was into you, from the first sight. You were so adorable. You were so precious.

Mom wouldn't want to have you because you're a boy and boy pees everywhere.
But I insisted that I want you home.

And that's when our story began :')

I was away from home for about 3 months, starting two months before my STPM.
I moved away from my noisy home, looking for a quiet place to study.
I was all alone there, with parents occasionally visited me during my dinner.
You were the only one, who accompanied me.
You were kind of my birthday present back in 2012.
You were the best present for me.

I remember you walking behind me everywhere I went.
I remember laughing you slipping on the smooth tiled floor.
I remember us napping with you resting on my neck.
I remember us studying with you playing on my book.

And you were the first guest to our new house.

You were the first one who peed on my bed.
And the first one who peed on the sofas.

You were the only one who get angry so easily.
A few tapped on your head and you were already so angry.
And when I ran away from you, you chased me all over the house. Here and there.

You were the only one who could remember people that made you angry.
Scolding you and beating you will get a bite from you on the leg in return when we walked away.

You were so naughty, yet chubby.
You were only quiet, the day you left. You slept there, unwilling to wake up regardless how loud we shouted, how loud we mourned.

You know what, one of my favourite things to do visiting a mall is to seek for new toys for you.
I love buying new toys for you, you never disappoint me.
Cause you were so playful, and supportive.
None of the toys were left in the dust bin.

And your favourite being the stick with furry stuffs at the edge.

And the birds outside our house.

And maybe us?

I miss you.

Thanks for sending fairy to me.
Mom said possibly you knew that your days were short, and hence you sent us another baby.

But it can never replaced you.

Thanks for coming to my life.
Sorry for making you suffer at the end of your life.
We could have seek for a better doctor.

I love you. x



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